Panel Report Chronology and Downloads

Here you can see the period in time that is meant by each panel report as well as download the .pdf file for each one.

Approx. dates covered Panel Download link File size
12,700 BC - 4,100 BC Palaeolithic and Mesolithic  download the .pdf (4.52MB)
4,100 BC - 2,500 BC Neolithic .download the .pdf (6.36MB)
2,500 BC - 800 BC Chalcolithic and Bronze Age download the .pdf (6.27MB)
800 BC - AD 400 Iron Age  download the .pdf (4.48MB)
AD 77 - AD 211 Roman  download the .pdf (5.65MB)
AD 400 - 1500 Medieval  download the .pdf (7.2MB)
1500 onwards Modern  download the .pdf (5.05MB)
n\a Science  download the .pdf (4.50MB)
n\a Marine and Maritime  download the .pdf


You can download Telling Scotland's Story from here (English version) and here (Gaidhlig version).