Future Thinking on Carved Stones in Scotland: Case Studies

  1. Making a difference: the Govan Stones (Stephen Driscoll)
  2. Bullauns and taxonomy (Katherine Forsyth)
  3. Graveyard recording (Susan Buckham)
  4. The Canmore Early Medieval Sculpture Upgrade Project (Anna Ritchie)
  5. The tomb of Robert the Bruce (Iain Fraser)
  6. The ACCORD project, community co-production (Stuart Jeffrey)
  7. Imaging techniques: the ‘Making a Mark’ project (Andrew Meirion Jones and Marta Díaz Guardamino)
  8. Materiality, Authenticity and Value: the wider implications of science-based conservation of carved stone (John Hughes and Siân Jones)
  9. Magnetic susceptibility: a non-destructive geological technique used in provenancing carved stones (Nigel A Ruckley)
  10. STONE Project, Edinburgh College of Art  (Katherine Forsyth)
  11. Donside: early medieval carved stones in a landscape context (Iain Fraser and Strat Halliday)
  12. Faith in Cowal: a pilgrimage project and an early medieval cross (Gilbert Márkus)
  13. The craft of carved stone replicas (Sally Foster)
  14. Early medieval sculptured stone and the production of social value (Siân Jones)
  15. Celtic Revival gravemarkers in Scotland (Murdo Macdonald)
  16. The Hilton of Cadboll cross-slab: a complex and fragmented biography (Siân Jones and Sally Foster)
  17. Glazed monument shelters (Colin Muir)
  18. Strength in disciplinary collaboration: early medieval examples (Sally Foster)
  19. Cradle of Scotland exhibition (Stephen Driscoll)
  20. Edinburgh Graveyards Scoping Report (Susan Buckham)
  21. Elgin Cathedral Redisplay Project (Hugh Morrison)
  22. Crail Kirkyard, Fife: histories in wood and stone (Kelsey Jackson Williams)
  23. Rhynie Woman and community engagement (Gordon Noble)
  24. Creative archaeological visualization of the rock art at Ballochmyle (Matt Ritchie)
  25. The Kelsae Stane (Katherine Forsyth)
  26. Iona Abbey and Kirkmadrine (Adrián Maldonado)
  27. Investigating our carved stone heritage: resources to support learning and engagement (Fiona Davidson)
  28. Information management and online discovery (Peter McKeague)
  29. Community engagement with rock art: the Northumberland and Durham Rock Art Project (Tertia Barnett)
  30. HES Canmore Early Medieval Sculpture Upgrade Project (Iain Fraser)
  31. The value of metric drawing (Ian G Scott)
  32. The Stone of Scone (David Caldwell)
  33. Rodney’s Stone, Brodie Castle: weaving together conservation, art and education (Shannon Fraser)
  34. Graffiti: meaning and value in the context of carved stones (Mark Hall)
  35. Buried tombstones (Susan Buckham)
  36. Wemyss Caves (Marcus Abbot)
  37. Condition monitoring at the rock art at Ormaig (Matt Ritchie)
  38. The Picts: a learning resource―an inclusive approach to integrating archaeology and the Curriculum for Excellence (Matt Ritchie)
  39. Auchnaha cairn in Cowal, and its cross-carved stone (Gilbert Márkus)
  40. The Cochno Stone: the contemporary archaeology of rock-art (Kenny Brophy)
  41. Reading the unreadable: use of photogrammetry on a 16th-century inscription at Kirkmichael, Black Isle (Jim Mackay and Andy Hickie)