carved stones

Dedication to John Higgitt

Listen to the stones:

We fondly dedicate this work to the memory of John Higgitt (1946–2006)

The most generous of scholars and friends

Enthusiastic explorer of carved stones and their audiences

Co-creator and first Chair of the National Committee on Carved Stones in Scotland (1993–2003)

John Higgitt in Paris, 2004. © Caroline Higgitt

John Higgitt (kneeling) at Dalmeny, near Edinburgh, 1977. © Caroline Higgitt


10. Published Sources

Key sources are listed as below. Selecting a link will download the relevant PDF file of bibliographic references. 

For a sense of what is covered by each heading, bearing in mind the chronological overlaps of some of these categories, see Section 2.

These lists are produced from a database maintained on RefWorks, so that they can be easily updated, without any significant change to the outputs.

The NCCSS aims to publish online an annual list of publications on carved stones in Scotland ( and welcomes suggested additions. We also welcome details of existing literature too. Please send complete references (note format used in above lists) to