April 2018

27/04/18 Consultation open on Scotland's Archaeological Periods and Ages (ScAPA) https://scottishheritagehub.com/content/scapa

24/04/18 Brand new case study for Future Thinking on Scotland's Carved Stones now available at https://scottishheritagehub.com/content/case-study-cochno-stone

March 2018

26/03/18 The March e-newsletter is now out and available at http://eepurl.com/dnHDmz

16/03/18 The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland are currently recruiting for a Project Manager, see the vacancy at https://www.socantscot.org/research/the-society-is-looking-to-recruit-a-scarf-project-manager/

February 2018

07/03/18 The e-newsletter for February is now available at http://eepurl.com/dmRk25

January 2018

29/01/18 The e-newsletter for January is now available at https://t.co/07EYzSksER

17/01/18 The Call for Papers for EAA 2018 is now available. The ScARF team are co-organising a session with Historic England and the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands and are now inviting abstract submissions. More information at https://www.socantscot.org/research/call-for-papers-european-association-of-archaeologists-2018/

December 2017

18/12/17 The e-newsletter for December is now available at http://mailchi.mp/34bb546c2ae8/scarf-newsletter-sept2017-1500269

18/12/17 The 'Regional Archaeological Research Framework for Argyll (RARFA)' launched today! http://www.scottishheritagehub.com/rarfa

November 2017

27/11/17 The 'Archaeology of Aberdeenshire' skills workshop was held today with our project partners Aberdeenshire Council museums service - a great success with attendees now more confident in their archaeological skills.

16/11/17 The Listen to the Stones pdf, a popular account of the Future Thinking on the Carved Stones of Scotland panel report, is now available to download! Find it on the downloads page

October 2017

27/10/17 The e-newsletter for October is now available at http://eepurl.com/c8WdHP

2017 September

31/08/17 The September e-newsletter can now be read at http://eepurl.com/c2I2vH

2017 August

31/08/17 The August e-newsletter can now be read at http://mailchi.mp/a22b4dbeaebe/scarf-newsletter-august-2017

31/08/17 Read Part 3 in the latest series of blog posts from the ScARF Museums Project on the Scottish Museums Federation Blog

30/08/17 Read Part 2 in the latest series of blog posts from the ScARF Museums Project  on the Scottish Museums Federation Blog

29/08/17 Read Part 1 in the latest series of blog posts from the ScARF Museums Project on the Scottish Museums Federation Blog

2017 July

27/07/17 The July e-newsletter can now be read at http://mailchi.mp/fa920b437dbf/scarfjuly2017

31/07/17 More #dayofarchaeology posts from the ScARF team can be found at http://www.dayofarchaeology.com/enabling-scottish-archaeological-research-the-final-scarf-post/

28/07/17 The #dayofarchaeology posts from the ScARF team can be found at http://www.dayofarchaeology.com/that-grey-area-between-museums-and-archaeology/

28/07/17 Read the latest blog post from the ScARF Museums Project on the Scottish Museums Federation Blog

10/07/17 ScARF Museums Officer Anna has been confirmed as the Scottish Representative for the Society for Museum Archaeology

2017 June

29/06/17 The June e-newsletter can now be read at http://eepurl.com/cTAkG1

26/06/17 The ScARF/OASIS Workshop was held today, with lots of discussion on how the updated OASIS reporting form will work in Scotland. 

17/06/17 The day conference, 'Scotlands earliest people, their landscape and houses' was held today in memory of past Society President and ScARF editor Alan Saville and was co-organised by ScARF. 

2017 May

26/05/17 The May e-newsletter is out now at http://eepurl.com/cOwmo1

22/05/17 Medieval Panel updated: the section on Norse Scotland has been updated http://www.scottishheritagehub.com/content/2-north-britain-idea-scotland-tribes-kingdoms-states 

2017 April

28/04/17 The April ScARF e-newsletter is out now at http://eepurl.com/cL1H2f

2017 March

07/04/17 The March ScARF e-newsletter is out now at http://eepurl.com/cExPer

13/03/17 Our Lithics Skills Workshop was a great success and now 14 more people love Lithics!

2017 February

27/02/17 The latest monthly ScARF e-newsletter is out now at http://eepurl.com/cDrEMv

06/02/17 The deadline for signing up for our Lithics workshop is the 24th of February - if you want to come along you can sign up at http://scottishheritagehub.com/skillsworkshops

2017 January

24/01/17 Our January e-newsletter is now out at http://eepurl.com/cyc69T

09/01/17 One of the presentations that ScARF gave at the European Association of Archaeologists Conference in Vilnius during August 2016 is now available to watch on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qtBH3Bw3nM

2016 December

15/12/16 Read about the latest work on the ScARF Museums project at https://scottishmuseumsfederation.wordpress.com/2016/12/15/scarf-museums-project-a-few-months-on/

02/12/16 The November ScARF e-newsletter is now available at http://eepurl.com/crwc5T

2016 October

31/10/16 A new Open Access page is now available, where we will list Open Access publications related to Scottish archaeology - let us know if you want yours to be added!

27/10/16 The October ScARF e-newsletter is now available at http://eepurl.com/ci6cLH

14/10/16 The ScARF website has been updated behind the scenes. You can read more about the changes and what they might mean for you at http://www.scottishheritagehub.com/oct16update

2016 August

24/08/16 Future Thinking on Scotland's Carved Stones is now available! You can find it at http://www.scottishheritagehub.com/content/future-thinking-carved-stones-scotland or by using the menu in the left hand side here. 

19/08/16 The latest edition of the ScARF e-newsletter can be read at http://eepurl.com/cbD8Br

2016 July

29/07/16 The ScARF team have written a series of blog posts for the Day of Archaeology 2016, available at http://www.dayofarchaeology.com/a-day-managing-the-scottish-archaeological-research-framework/, http://www.dayofarchaeology.com/dispatches-from-edinburgh-scarf-project-museums-part-1/ and http://www.dayofarchaeology.com/dispatches-from-edinburgh-scarf-project-museums-part-2/

22/07/16 Our Museums Officer, Anna, has written a blog post for the Scottish Museums Federation. you can read it at  https://scottishmuseumsfederation.wordpress.com/2016/07/22/museums-archaeological-research/

22/07/16 Read another great report from the 14C and Archaeology conference, Edinburgh at http://www.socantscot.org/research/scarf-student-bursary-report-14c-and-archaeology-report-2/, this one is by Ülle Aguraiuja

18/07/16 The tenth e-newsletter is out now! You can find it at http://eepurl.com/b8ZVAH

14/07/16 Read Caterina Scire Calabrisotto's report from the 14C and Archaeology conference, Edinburgh at http://www.socantscot.org/research/scarf-student-bursary-report-14c-and-archaeology-report-1/

2016 June

27/06/16 Read Murray Sherlock Stewart's report from the Association of Environmental Archaeologists, Orkney at http://www.socantscot.org/research/scarf-student-bursary-report-association-of-environmental-archaeologists-5/

24/06/16 Read Zechariah Jinks-Fredrick's report from the Iron Age Research Student Symposium, Leicester at http://www.socantscot.org/research/scarf-student-bursary-report-19th-iron-age-research-student-symposium-iarss/

24/06/16 The ninth e-newsletter is out now! You can find it at https://t.co/3BaKltMVtH

20/06/16 Read Will Wyeth's report from the Nordic Research network conference at http://www.socantscot.org/research/scarf-student-bursary-report-nordic-research-network-seminar/ 

10/06/16 Read Rena Maguire's report from the Europa conference at http://www.socantscot.org/research/scarf-student-bursary-report-prehistoric-society-europa-conference/

2016 May

23/05/16 Read another report from the AEA conference at http://www.socantscot.org/research/scarf-student-bursary-report-association-of-environmental-archaeologists-4/, by Albina Palsdottir

20/05/16 The eighth e-newsletter is out now! You can find it at http://eepurl.com/b0N8Qj 

13/05/16 Another ScARF Student Bursary report online - read about Youri van den Hurk's work at 

06/05/16 New content in our Student Network - read about presenting your research at http://www.scottishheritagehub.com/content/presenting-research

2016 April

14/03/16 The second of the ScARF student bursary reports is now online - read more about Alexandra Fitzpatricks AEA report at 

11/04/16 The seventh ScARF e-newsletter is out now - you can find it at http://eepurl.com/bW8O8r

11/04/16 The first of the ScARF student bursary reports is now online - read more about Tom Gardners AEA report at http://www.scottishheritagehub.com/content/student-reports

07/04/16 The ScARF team has just doubled in size! The successful applicant for our Museums Post will begin soon, bringing the ScARF team up to two members. 

2016 March

14/03/16 The sixth ScARF e-newsletter is out now - you can find it at http://eepurl.com/bT3yL9

01/03/16 ScARF is hiring! - you can find more out at http://www.socantscot.org/appointments/job-opportunity-scarf-museums-project-officer/

2016 February

15/02/16 The fifth ScARF e-newsletter is out now - you can read it at http://eepurl.com/bOs0LX 

2016 January

28/01/16 Student Network page is now live! http://www.scottishheritagehub.com/content/student-network

22/01/16 The fourth ScARF e-newsletter is out now - you can read it at http://eepurl.com/bMRBwf

2015 December

18/12/15 The third ScARF e-newsletter is out now - you can read it at http://

11/12/15 ScARF and CIfA workshop - The joint workshop on how to use ScARF in everyday archaeology was held on the 11th December 2015 and well attended. There will be similar workshops in the near future so please get in touch if you would like to take part. 

15/12/15 Future Thinking on Carved Stones in Scotland: Research Framework - when it launches in Summer 2016, this framework will be part of the wider ScARF picture. You can read the draft structure and comment on it at https://www.stir.ac.uk/cehp/projects/futurethinkingoncarvedstonesinscotland/rseworkshop4/

2015 November

30/11/15 The Archaeology of Argyll - ScARF sponsored students to attend this two day symposium and take notes that will form the basis of a new reserch framework. The notes will also be made available on the ScARF website in the New Year. 

15/11/15 The second ScARF e-newsletter is out now - you can read it at http://eepurl.com/bFpIhj

09/11/15 ScARF User Survey - preliminary results now available at  http://www.scottishheritagehub.com/content/scarf-user-survey-2015

2015 October

15/10/15 The first ScARF e-newsletter is out now - you can read it at http://eepurl.com/bBfOJj

05/10/15 The Archaeology of Cramond. ScARF sponsored four students to go to the Cramond Roman Fort conference on the 3rd October and take notes. We'll be putting the notes up on ScARF in the near future. 


2015 September

18/09/15 Coffee, cake and and an update on ScARF. If you will be in Edinburgh on the 28th September and would like to come to a coffee and a chat and to hear about the latest ScARF updates, please get in touch with emma {at} socantscot.org by the 21st September. 

2015 August

24/08/15 Reports now available online. You can now find the reports from the Scottish Strategic Archaeology Committee online at http://www.scottishheritagehub.com/content/scottish-strategic-archaeology-committee

14/08/2015 Attention Postgraduate students! Are you researching the Romans in Scotland? Would you like to come to a conference on Cramond and its archaeology? We are looking for student volunteers to come and take notes at the one day event. The volunteers will then put the notes back into ScARF. In return, we can give you a ticket to the conference and help with travel costs. For more information please email emma {at} socantscot.org by the 11th September. 


2015 July

17/07/2015 Help us out by taking our survey! It shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes and can be found at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/scarfis3

10/07/2015 The ScARF website is 3! The ScARF website was launched on the 1st June 2012, and so now seems a great time to review what we have achieved so far. If you have used or contributed to ScARF since the 1st June 2012 then we'd love to hear from you. There will be a survey coming out in the next few weeks to all known contributors but we don't want to miss anyone so please get in touch if we don't. 


2014 April

21/04/2014 More ScARF case studies added! Throughout the site we have added more case studies, find them at: Iron Age case-studies, Maritime-case-studies, Medieval-case-studies

18/04/14 ScARF at the IfA 2014 Conference: If you missed us at the 2014 Institute for Archaeologists Conference, don't worry! You can still download our amazing reseach in progress poster here http://www.scottishheritagehub.com/content/scarf-2014-ifa-conference

2014 March

24/03/14 Events calendar updated: The calendar has been updated to include lots more local society talks and events- why not take a look at whats on near you? http://scarf.rcahms.gov.uk/content/scarf-calendar


2014 February

28/02/14 Notes from workshop now available for download: Notes from the Lithics Research in Scottish Prehistory: science based and methodological issues workshop at the University of Glasgow, 13th Dec 2013 are now available for download at http://www.scottishheritagehub.com/content/taking-scarf-forward-developing-questions-and-themes

24/02/14 Roman panel update: Ever wonder what happened to those major unpublished Roman excavations listed in the ScARF panel report? Wonder no more, we have a current status update for you here - http://www.scottishheritagehub.com/content/84-access-information

22/02/14 New Research page added! There is a new page to keep track of all the current projects taking ScARF ideas forward - have a look at http://www.scottishheritagehub.com/content/taking-scarf-forward-developing-questions-and-themes


2012 September

27/09/12 Panel reports updated. There are new versions of the Bronze Age and Iron Age panel reports available to download from today from http://www.scottishheritagehub.com/content/welcome

24/09/12 ScARF Calendar now online! Ever wanted to know about upcoming presentations, seminars, conferences etc related to many aspects of Scottish archaeology? We've pulled together a wide selection from university department seminars to local group talks here - http://www.scottishheritagehub.com/content/scarf-calendar. Please let us know if you have an event you would like us to add!

14/09/12 List of ScARF publications and presentations now online.

2012 August

09/08/12 If ScARF has whetted your appetite for research frameworks, we have compiled a list of others here  - http://www.scottishheritagehub.com/content/links. It also includes a map of ScARF contributors so you can see how widely our work has reached!

2012 July

25/07/12 Wondering how to reference a piece of ScARF?

24/07/12 Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports back online! All links from the ScARF website should now work.

23/07/12 Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports temporarily unavailable Any links to SAIR from the ScARF website will not work at the moment due to server problems at the SAIR end. We will let you know as soon as this is fixed.

23/07/12 New Medieval downloads available! New downloads are available here of research commissioned at the beginning of the ScARF project into existing records of evidence for Medieval settlement and people. This research was carried out by Dr Sarah Thomas and is available as a series of csv and pdf files.

17/07/12 New Maritime downloads available! New downloads are available here of research commissioned at the beginning of the ScARF project into museums and authorities that hold maritime archaeology data. This research was carried out by Dr Shelly Werner and is available as a series of pdf, csv and tif files.

11/07/12 CANMORE now fixed! Links to sites should be working again.

11/07/12 CANMORE temporarily down - this means that links to site records within CANMORE from the ScARF website will not work at the moment. We will let you know when they are working again.

09/07/12 A Comprehensive guide to the ScARF wiki is now available for download at http://www.scottishheritagehub.com/content/scarf-documentation.

2012 June

27/06/12 Research recommendations now easier to find, each panel report now has a left hand menu link to overall recommendations. You can find this underneath the bibliography link.

25/06/12 Neolithic Panel report now online!

15/06/12 Please note: The Neolithic document is currently (15th June 2012) being worked on, new content will appear gradually over the day.  Thank you for your patience.

12/06/12 Thanks for your patience! The Neolithic report is available as a pdf to download, but not available as an interactive report as yet - the ScARF team expect to be able to bring it to you by the end of the week though!

2012 May

14/05/12 Our Neolithic is missing! But don't worry, it will be back soon. It just needs some final editing and reviewing. 

11/05/12 More downloads! It is now possible to download the site lists as csv files and a distribution map of sites mentioned in the text as a pdf from the relevant panel download page.

2012 April

25/04/12 First comments on the wiki! Thank you! The first lot of registered users have now commented on the wiki - these have been useful in encouraging debate as well as helping to sort out some missing bibliographic references. Thank you if you have already contributed, and if not, comment away!

13/04/12 Missing bibliographic entries - can you help? The Science and Modern reports now have comments on pages where we are missing bibliographic references.

12/04/12 Missing bibliographic entries - can you help? The Bronze Age, Iron Age and Palaeolithic and Mesolithic reports now have comments on pages where we are missing bibliographic references. If you can help us out, please leave the reference as a comment on the relevant page! Thank you!

2012 March

30/03/12 Science, Iron Age, Neolithic reports now available to download as pdf files from http://www.scottishheritagehub.com/content/welcome

30/03/12 Comments now enabled for the Bronze Age, Medieval, Modern, Marine and Maritime, Science and Roman panel reports

29/03/12 Marine and Maritime, Medieval, Roman, Bronze Age, Palaeolithic and Mesolithic, Modern reports now available to download as pdf files from http://www.scottishheritagehub.com/content/welcome

29/03/12 Comments now enabled for the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic panel report