Website Update - October 2016

What has happened?

The ScARF website has undergone some behind the scenes maintenance this week (w/e 14th October 2016) and the upgrade to the software we use has meant that a few things now look different. Here, we explain what this might mean for you as a user of the resource. 

On the Homepage

  • The main menu has moved to the left. It was only on the right hand side on the homepage, so now it will not move during your time reading panel reports or anything else on the website.
  • Items on the main menu have been re-grouped. All of the menu items are still there, and the URL's they had are the same, but they are likely now to be under a different heading. For example, all of the panel reports are now grouped together under 'panel reports' rather than listed seperately. This is partly because the amount of archaeological information ScARF contains is growing. In 2012 there were nine panel reports, the addition of 'Future Thinking on Carved Stones in Scotland' earlier this year makes ten and since we expect at least two regional panel reports to be added during this phase of the project, tidying up the list made sense

Across the website

  • The Directory for Archaeological Scientists is temporarily unavailable. We are working to get this fixed and hope to have it back in place as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you are looking for someone who can do some archaeological science for you, please get in touch with ScARF using the contact form and we will help you out. 
  •  We have tried to check every page, but with over 600 of them it will take a while. Some images and text may appear to be formatted oddly, and if this is the case then we hope to have them cleaned up by the end of October. If you spot something that doesn't look quite right, or as it did, then get in touch and we can a) fix it and b) reward you!

As a contributor

  • If you log into the website, you will notice that the interface for adding comments (and editing in general if you have those permissions) has changed. Things should make more sense but if they don't then please get in touch. An updated user manual will be published by the end of October and will be available on the website. 

Thank you for your patience whilst we make these necessary changes.