1.2 History of Bronze Age research in Scotland

This is a brief and selective summary of research in, and chronology of, the Bronze Age in Scotland, both as set out in purely Scottish studies and in those covering the whole of Britain that display significant Scottish content or implications. A simplified version of the latest relative and absolute chronology published for southern Britain is included below (see Table 1) as an indication of the chronological parameters. The extent to which this chronology is relevant to Scotland will be discussed at various points below.

Table 1: Summary chronology for the Southern British Bronze Age (After Needham et al. 2010 Table 1 and Needham 1996 Fig 3.)

Period Date range Pottery Metalwork assemblage
1. Copper 2450-2200 Early Beaker Moel Arthur
2. EBA 2200-1950 Climax Beaker/Food Vessel Brithdir> Mile Cross
3. EBA 1950-1750 Early Urn/Food Vessel Willerby Wold
4. EBA 1750-1550 Middle Urn Arreton Down
5. MBA 1550-1150 Late Urn/Deverel-Rimbury Acton Park>Taunton>Penard
6. LBA 1150-950 Post Deverel-Rimbury Wilburton
7. LBA 950-800 PDR Plain Ware Ewart Park
EIA 800-600 PDR Decorated Llyn Fawr

1.2.1. 19th and early 20th centuries

1.2.2. Mid 20th century

1.2.3. Late 20th century

1.2.4. 21st century

1.2.5. Summary chronology and associated artefacts