1. Research and the Neolithic in Scotland (1840-2007)

This account of the progress of archaeological research into the Neolithic (New Stone Age) in Scotland will be divided into four chronological stages.  It will reflect the national, indeed the international stage, upon which this research has taken place over a century and a half.

The Stages nominated are:

Stage 1 : The Development of an Idea

Stage 2: The advent of Childe – the Idea Rebuilt

Stage 3: The Attainment of Expertise

Stage 4: The Attainment of Critical Mass


6.3 Research recommendations

  • Analysis of the relationship between inland and coastal communities
  • Further consideration of the issue of burial traditions
  • A focus on the possibility of waterlogged or submerged sites with enhanced preservation of material and artefacts rarely found elsewhere
  • Further work on art and decoration
  • Continued analysis of the transition to farming
  • Further work on structural remains and community size